Smart Reports and Analytics

Sales Analytics

Analyzing overall sales trends, revenue generated, and profit margins for different cake designs, categories, and time periods.

Customer Analytics

Identifying customer preferences, popular flavors, cake designs, and occasions through order history analysis.

Product Category Analytics

Tracking the popularity of specific cake designs or themes to understand customer preferences and inform inventory management.

Demographic Analytics

Understanding customer demographics such as age, location, and gender to tailor marketing campaigns and product offerings.

Order Type Analytics

Examining how often customers place orders, recurring orders, and order patterns to optimize marketing strategies and promotions.

Seasonal Trends Analytics

Monitoring seasonal fluctuations in orders and identifying trends in demand for specific occasions or themes throughout the year.

Order Status Analytics

Tracking order processing times, delivery or pickup preferences, and customer satisfaction metrics to improve operational efficiency and customer experience.

Review Analytics

Gathering and analyzing customer feedback and reviews to identify areas for improvement and enhance product offerings and service delivery.

AI Predictive Analytics

Using historical data and advanced AI analytics algorithms to forecast future demand, optimize inventory levels, and anticipate customer needs.